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B Q Nails - Hershey, PA 17036 - Services, Reviews, Hours and Contact (1)

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Address: 241 Hershey Rd, Hummelstown, PA 17036

Phone: (717) 566-4686


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Juan Torres

The service here is always spectacular especially Lilly! She is amazing and patient. She puts her all into each session and take her time and is meticulous about the experience she provides.

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Stephanie Fonkou

We went there on a whim because my normal place was booked up u have to have an appointment and my husband had off and wanted to get his feet trimmed and done (no polish or anything) and they charged $65… where I go I pay $70 for dip on my hand and gel on my feet and a whole spa pedicure. This place is ridiculous and as I was sitting there a lady came in new to getting nails and asked for rhinestones and the lady acted dumb like she didn’t know what she was talking about probably cause she didn’t wanna do it.

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Cassidy Bowen

I went in for a fill and color change and was assigned to the nail tech by the name of amber. I assume she was new, as i have went there previous times and never saw her before. First, she burned me with the tool that is used to remove old gel polish and was not careful or mindful of what she was doing with that at all. Then, after she cut them down and filled them with new acrylic, she saw me examining one hand while she worked on the other hand she had the audacity to say to me “oh they look fine” as if i wasn’t allowed to inspect her work on MY nails that i was paying for because she didn’t want to deal with me asking her to fix them. Mind you, i was looking at the bits of my previous color (dark grey) on the side of my nails that she failed to remove fully. Knowing that i was looking to get a lighter color, i asked her to remove the rest of the color so you couldn’t see it through the lighter color. She barely acknowledged me and proceeded to only remove some of the left over color and still leave some behind. Finally, i had picked out my light pink color and she acted as if they didn’t have it anymore but didn’t say anything to me about it. When she returned with a bottle of polish she opened it to show me what it looked like and see if i liked it acting as if it wasn’t the color i had picked out and was very unclear about it. I then asked her if it was the color i wanted and pointed to the sample because it looked a little darker than the one i picked, and she snapped at me with a huge attitude saying “YES” when all i was doing was making sure i got what i wanted because again..i was paying her to do what i asked for. The whole time she kept giving me attitude about every little thing too. My nails, other than the bits of grey on the side, look decent. However, i am very disappointed with the service i got and probably will not be going back because that to me is unacceptable.

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Kyna Anderson

They seemed friendly during our time there, although my daughter wanted a specific color they apparently didn’t have even though she picked it from their list of colors. While I was getting my mani The lady had told my daughter they can do this powder color on her nails, they never told myself or my daughter it would be much extra for this. While I expected my bill to be some what higher for the both of us and her getting a full set I wasn’t prepared for them to charge 55$ just for her due to what they Schemed up with her. When the lady was working on my mani she was only going to put one coat on and had asked her to do a second.. when all was finished was sloppy and cuticles were not even nice looking she missed so much it’s almost like I didn’t even get a mani done, had nail polish clumped on the side of my nails. I can get better quality and cheaper prices in my area. Thanks for trying..

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Vonn Rese

Unfortunately my first visit may be my last. I can’t speak of the entire staff, but the female tech with big eyelashes who did my pedicure was a disaster. She rushed my pedicure, applied one sloppy coat and did sub par “clean up”. When I pointed out the toe with obvious missing polish and other basic clean up, she acted like I was bothering her and being unreasonable. I’ve had hundreds of pedicures in many cities over the years and I’m aware each salon varies in standard. It’s this young lady’s bad attitude and debate with me after my request that is the reason for this review. The establishment itself seems great. This young lady does not.

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judith alexander

The best pedicure/manicure so relaxing 2,5 hours the best

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Visiting Hershey for the weekend and wanted to find a local place to get my nails done. Walked in and asked specifically for something and was given a price. I agreed and sat down and was seen right away. She proceeded to tell me that whoever did my nails didn’t do good in reality I go to this local place back home always and have nice results. She decided to take it upon herself and give me gel nails which wasn’t what I had asked for or had wanted. The language barrier wasn’t a real issue as I understand other languages well. She acted like my opinion didn’t matter and went on saying it’ll look better, more natural. She decided to tell me, (once about finished) that it was now $20 more. Being the next day, I’m not just stuck with nails that I hate but also with a broken one! Never going there again or recommend the salon. Prices aren’t great and not worth it based on the results you’ll receive.

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Janelle Fackler

After a horrible experience with another local salon, I went to BQ Nails to have my toes repainted and my finger nails fixed. The ladies there were very kind. I explained that another salon earlier that day refused to paint them as I requested (per the provided pictures, nothing complicated). They immediately helped me, redid my toes completely and finished my fingers with the ombre sparkle I was looking for (this was for my wedding). The Ladies were even kind enough after my difficult day to not charge me for their time and work. They were wonderful! They were all very kind and sweet. I would definitely recommend this salon for mani/pedi. Everything was clean and quick and the ladies were the best!!!

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Jessica Decembrino

The ladies of BQ nails are wonderful! They have an AMAZING selection of dip powder nail colors which hold up, tremendously well, for weeks. I see Lam consistently—she does great work and I never leave feeling unimpressed. The negative reviews are sad. If you are not satisfied with your mani or pedi–SPEAK UP. If you voice your complaint or problem they will do their best to solve it.

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Ariana L

I walked in today on the whim with a reference photo and the ladies here made it happen! I got yellow nails with a sunflower on both ring finger! Super cute and they took plenty of time to make it look good!

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