Dyesebel Cast, Characters, Role and Summary (2023)

Marian Rivera/
Kirsten Jane Singrit

Dyesebel Montemayor/
Isabel, Cassandra
Dyesebel is the most loved and most beautiful mermaid under the sea, but she is also the one who gets into the most trouble!

When Dyesebel saved a young man from his near-death experience, it would seem that she had found what others haven't in their long lives, her one true love. In order for her to become close towards the man she saved, she inquired Amafura to receive a necklace, in exchange for her beauty, with the legs she wished for. But by combining the same necklace that Do�a Guada has, she is now having her beautiful face and is ready to seek revenge against Berbola.

Dyesebel must choose between Erebus or Fredo. Her one true love is Fredo. She's wears the crown to become a queen of Sirenea with Erebus and Lucia beside her but only for a short time. She challenges Dyangga in a final battle. She finally kills a monstrous Dyangga with the scepter's finishing move. Dyesebel marries Fredo in the end and she has her son named "Buboy", who is named after her friend.

Dingdong Dantes/
Arkin Luciano Magalona

Fredo Legaspi
Fredo is one of the country�s hottest bachelors, a man who makes it no secret that he doesn�t believe in love. But when his life is saved by a beautiful stranger, Fredo�s life begins to unravel and he just might start believing in the power of true love. He really chooses Dyesebel/Isabel more than any other woman like Betty and Berbola who make Dyesebel's life miserable.

He seeks Dyesebel by going to the deepest sea. Fredo becomes a half-man, half-merman with the black pearl by Dyangga. He joins Dyesebel in the battle with Dyangga. In the end, Fredo finally marries Dyesebel with his merman blood and has a son named "Buboy".

Jean Garcia
Queen Lucia Montemayor/
Do�a Ava Legaspi
Lucia is the real mother of Dyesebel, a martyr who decides to forsake her own happiness just to save the lives of those she loves. She is also a former mermaid and she used to rule the sea, but when she became human, another mermaid, Dyangga, stole her throne. She married Tino Montemayor and had a child named Dyesebel. Days after Tino died, she reinvented herself as Do�a Ava Legaspi; stepmother to Fredo and adoptive mother to Sheila Mae.

She quickly remembers that she's the true Queen of Sirenea. Lucia and Dyesebel are reuniting after she found out that Isabel and Dyesebel are one. She returns to Sirenea and stops Dyangga to save her daughter. As a mermaid, Lucia has the ability to call back the scepter from Dyangga, knowing that the scepter is rightfully Lucia's. She ends up as a reigning queen after her daughter.

Rufa Mae Quinto
Amafura grants the wishes of the merpeople in Serenea for a price. She gave Dyesebel a necklace, to exchange her beauty for the feet she had longed for. As the sea witch, Amafura will continue to ask for the most important things that a mermaid/merman can offer in exchange for granting their dreams. When Berbola wanted legs, Amafura refused. Instead, Berbola stole her mother's scepter to have another magic duel.

Amafura lost all her powers, and Berbola stole the magical pearl, which all of the magic contains within it. She retrieved the white pearl but transformed into a tiny turtle. She and Erebus arrived in the land to help Dyesebel. She returns in her normal form after Dyangga's disappearance. She transforms herself into a magical scepter to fool Dyangga.

Ricky Davao
Don Juan Legaspi
He is the father of Fredo and Shiela Mae, a rich man who has made a lot of enemies on his way to the top. He wants his son to marry Betty for his own good and also dislikes Isabel (Dyesebel) and Cassandra (Berbola). Revealed to be Paolo's illegitimate father. Don Juan gets kidnapped by a scheming Gildo after he replaced his illegitimate son Paolo as president over him.

After a rescue, he has sent to hospital for recovery. He forgives both of his sons for what he did wrong and he gives thanks to them. He learns that Dyesebel is Lucia/Ava's daughter and he's ready to help her to get Dyesebel and finally believes in mermaids and mermen.

Alfred Vargas
A handsome and royal merman who must hide his true feelings for Dyesebel. He is the brother of Usaro. His heart belongs to Dyesebel. Erebus with royal blood descent is secretly in love with Dyesebel. Always loyal to Dyesebel, he has defended her on many different occasions and saved her from uncertain deaths or severe punishments both in Sirenea and on land.

After asking Mother of Pearl to grant him legs to protect Dyesebel and prove his love, he received a conditional magical pearl by which Dyesebel should love him instead of Fredo or else he will die. After Erebus and Fredo succeeded in taking Dyesebel out of the hospital as Betty's captive, Erebus managed to convince the love of his life, Dyesebel, to return to their underwater kingdom, Sirenea. Then after the defeat of Dyangga and Dyesebel's accession to the throne, he proposed to marry Dyesebel. However, Fredo managed to interrupt and stop the wedding ceremony before Dyesebel took her vows.

Towards the end, he finally relinquished his claims for Dyesebel's love and accepted the consequence of death ensuring her eventual happiness. He never disclosed his condition to Dyesebel for the fact that he did not want to her to worry and or use it as a reason to choose him over Fredo showing his ever unwavering nobility. He disappears just after he bids farewell to the mermaid who enamored him for most of his lifetime as his pearl turned completely black.

Mylene Dizon
Queen Dyangga
The mean queen of the sea; a beautiful but wretched creature whose jealousy knows no bounds. She wants to make sure that Dyesebel never experiences a happy moment under the sea. She has some disgust towards Amafura, and believes that she may put the merpeople in danger for them to experience above-the-sea, if she continues to grant wishes.

She is poisoned, thanks to Bukanding who seeks revenge for his mother's death, but suddenly recovers from it. After Berbola died, she seeks revenge by punishing Dyesebel with full force. When asking the Mother of Pearls for help of acquiring feet, the Mother of Pearls refused. Mother of Pearls warned that using force won't get what she wanted.

Dyangga used her scepter to vanquish her, thus absorbing her powers to become more powerful than ever. Unfortunately for her, she's killed by a returning Lucia to save Dyesebel's life. She revives with the help of black pearls to get the kingdom again but killed again by Lucia but then revives again by transforming herself into a giant sea monster. She's going to call out Dyesebel for the final showdown. Dyangga is finally killed by Dyesebel with her scepter's finishing move.

Bianca King
Betty Salcedo
One of the most popular models in the country, and she can have anyone she wants-except Fredo, which is why she and Fredo are engaged. She is the one who made Dyesebel's life miserable.

After a huge fight with Dyesebel, she got in a coma that would last quite a while. However, she's finally awake. She still remembers Dyesebel, the one who fought her, and takes revenge on her again by putting Dyesebel in a freak show. She's ready to defeat Dyesebel and Fredo again. She's Fredo's girlfriend. When she wears Dyesebel's necklace, she transforms herself into a mermaid. She joins Dyangga's side to destroy Dyesebel's life once and for all.

Finally, she has devoured by a giant fish after a wounded Dyesebel removed a magical necklace from her.

Michelle Madrigal
Renz Joyce Juan

Princess Berbola/
She is one of the mermaids who also feels hatred for Dyesebel. And what she doesn�t know is that Berbola hides her loathing for the outsider because she herself has fallen in love with Fredo. She is also a rival for Fredo's heart. When Berbola arrived in land, she disguised herself as Cassandra to take Fredo from Dyesebel/Isabel.

After her mother being poisoned, she is replaced as the queen but she continued to take Fredo away from Dyesebel when she hypnotized him with a magical scepter. She didn't lasted long in the land until when she fought Dyesebel in the sea, Bukanding used a magical scepter to cast off Berbola to make Dyesebel escape. Berbola dies as Dyangga grieves over her daughter's death.

Lotlot de Leon
The kind and motherly mermaid who finds Dyesebel and later on decides to adopt her as her own daughter. Banak dies after protecting Dyesebel when Dyangga was about to kill her.
Luis Alandy
Gildo Villarama
The current vice president in Fredo's company who isn't content with what he has. He is also Fredo's rival. He also has an obsession for Dyesebel. After Fredo being fired from his own company, Gildo took over the company, found his Sunsilk (shampoo) model, and has an interest on Dyesebel. After Paolo, Don Juan's illegitimate son, has replaced by his father as president, Gildo has a plan which is to kill Don Juan. He's now behind bars.
Marco Alcaraz
He is the most trusted soldier, and lover of Dyangga. He would do anything to please her. He's a brother of Erebus. Usaro becomes ally to his brother and even Dyesebel and he's ready to stop Dyangga's plans. In the end, he ends up as a lead soldier to Lucia.
Teri Onor
An evil seahorse with delusions of grandeur. He is the one who flames the hatred that Dyangga concerns for Dyesebel. Akirang tells a side of a story to Lucia about Dyangga's transformation. He ends up as a captive.
Paolo Ballesteros
Dyesebel's closest friend and stepbrother. He has been with her since she first became part of the sea. He seeks revenge on Dyangga for his mother's death. He killed Berbola with the help of using magical scepter to make Dyesebel free.
Aljur Abrenica
Paolo Legaspi
A poor fisherman who falls in love with a girl too rich for him: Shiela Mae. He has to pursue his work after the separation of Shiela Mae. It is revealed that he is the illegitimate son of Don Juan. Paolo has replaced Gildo as a president by his father. He is the one who saved his father from Gildo's scheme. He helps his brother and Dyesebel to destroy Dyangga's life. He ends up with Shiela Mae and as Dyesebel's brother-in-law.
Kris Bernal
Shiela Mae (Legaspi) Montemayor
Fredo's younger (later adopted) half-sister who likes getting what she wants, whenever she wants it. She finds out that she is adopted. She is Vivian's real daughter and then reunites with her mentally-ill mother. But Tino Montemayor is her biological father. She is actually Dyesebel's half-sister. Shiela Mae steals money to help save her sick mom, Vivian, but she is arrested by cops. After spending time in jail, she is being released by Paolo and Don Juan. She ends up with Paolo.
Hero Angeles
He is a janitor who works under Fredo's company. He is also Paolo�s half-brother who feels hatred for Fredo's family including Shiela Mae.
Nanette Inventor
Do�a Guada
Do�a Guada is an eccentric rich woman. She, too, is a former mermaid. But when she became human, she lived her life in wealth. She met Isabel (Dyesebel) at the Juan Fredo Empire's office while having a business meeting and became friends with her. Guada helped Dyesebel retrieve her beauty after combining her necklace with her.
Robert Villar
Buboy is the protector and best friend of Dyesebel. He was Dyesebel's first human friend. He has been with her through all her trials. He is shot by Betty then Dyesebel tries to save him but he dies after he said his last words to Dyesebel.

The second Buboy, named after her friend, is now a son of Dyesebel and Fredo.

Chanda Romero
Do�a Felicia Montemayor
Do�a Felicia is Tino's mother who, at first, really dislikes and hates Lucia. Lucia is as known as Ava, gives a suffering brought to Felicia and makes her as a poor housemaid. She cares for Isabel/Dyesebel. Lola Felicia and Lucia forgave each other after they found out that Isabel and Dyesebel are one. She is Dyesebel's Grandmother. In the end, she is now Fredo's grandmother-in-law.
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