Lord of the Rings: Every Major Event That Could Happen In The Amazon Series (2023)

Which significant events in Tolkien's Middle-earth history could happen in Amazon's forthcomingThe Lord of the Rings TV series? After the decade defining success of Peter Jackson'sLord of the Rings movie trilogy, it was inevitable that J.R.R. Tolkien's epic world would continue to be mined for adaptation material. Sure enough, Jackson translatedThe Hobbit into a second (not quite as successful) trilogy, and now Amazon is working on aLord of the RingsTV show in theGame of Thronesmold.

Production on Amazon'sLord of the Rings is currently underway, but details remain scarce. Confirmed cast members include Robert Aramayo, Joseph Mawle, Nazanin Boniadi and Morfydd Clark, who is confirmed as Galadriel - the only familiar face announced so far. As has been widely reported, Amazon'sLord of the Rings packs a mammoth budget, and willfeature characters movie fans will recognize. Amazon has also revealed that their Middle-earth adventure will be set in Tolkien's Second Age. For reference,The HobbitandThe Lord of the Rings take place around 3000 years into the Third Age, so that's quite some distance between the two eras.

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Through his lesser-known works, appendices and letters, Tolkien has mapped out Middle-earth's Second Age in typically detailed fashion, and many major events occur during this period,most leading directly intoLord of the Rings. Here are the biggest Tolkien Second Age stories Amazon's TV series could adapt.

The Rise Of Númenor

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The terms "Númenorean" and "Dúnedain" might be vaguely familiar to casualLord of the Rings fans, but Aragorn's ancestors could become household names thanks to the Amazon TV series. As reward for their faith, this ancient race of men were gifted an island of their own by the Valar, sitting somewhere between the shores of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands, where the Valar themselves dwelt. The isle ofNúmenor stood tall for over 3000 years in the Second Age, so it'll be tricky for Amazon to avoid, especially since the men who lived there made frequent trips to Middle-earth.Númenor is one of Tolkien's richest fictional civilizations, but it's a mere memory whenThe Hobbitbegins, leaving plenty of room for exploration. There's a long lineage ofNúmenorean kings and queens to pick from, and with so many beautiful locales being destroyed or otherwisesullied inLord of the Rings, it'll be refreshing to see a kingdom flourish and grow (for a while, at least).

SauronForges The One Ring

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As the most important event of the Second Age, and the moment film fans will feel most connected to, the creation of the Rings will almost certainlyplay out in Amazon'sLord of the Rings TV series. At this point in Tolkien's dense mythology, Sauron is still able to assume a human form, and rumors suggest Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones' Benjen Stark)will be playing the Dark Lord. Under the disguise of "Annatar," Sauron deceives the elves into creating many Rings of Power and, as the story famously goes,forgesthe One Ring in secret to control them. Watching Sauron manipulate and deceive would be new territory for a character mostly known as a big flaming eye, but by showcasinghis two conflictingshades ofvillainy, Amazon's TV series and Peter Jackson's movie trilogy could actually complement each other. Adapting the creation of the Rings would also account for Galadriel's presence in Amazon'sLord of the Rings. Not only did the golden-haired elf receive one of the three trinkets Sauronoffered her kind, but Galadriel was also vocally opposed to trusting the mysterious Annatar.

Sauron Settling In Mordor

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WhenLord of the Ringsbegins, Mordor has long been somewhere you wouldn't want to purchase a vacation home;corrupted by Sauron, bubbling with sinisterforces, and home to the imposing tower of Barad-dûr, which is ultimately brought down by the destruction of the One Ring. However, Mordor wasn't always so sketchy, and Sauron only settled there when he returned to power 1000 yearsdeep into the Second Age. Making his comeback, Sauron summoned the remaining allies of his old master, Morgoth, and set about breeding newarmies of orcs. He also spent 600 years constructing Barad-dûr.Amazon'sThe Lord of the Rings can show precisely how Mordor fell under Sauron's sway, andoffer a closer look at his iconic tower, as well as the magic behind its creation. Moreover, it'd be fascinating towatch Sauron operate without his trademark stronghold in full swing, still reestablishing himself and working from the shadows.

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Sauron's War Vs. The Elves

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With that said, Sauron doesn't remain inthe shadows for very long. After inspiring the elves to forge Rings of Power, Sauron tries ensnaring them with the One Ring but fails, as thepointy-eared folk grow wise to his scheme in the nick of time. Sauron and the elves of Middle-earth (most of them, at least) eventually enteropen warfare, and a long and bloody conflict ensues. If Amazon's TV series is looking to emulate the wartime feel ofGame of Thrones orthe originalLord of the Rings trilogy, it's this bloody conflict that'll provide the best source material. The elves win, but Sauron deals grievous damage to his foes along the way, destroying or occupying various elven settlements. InLord of the Rings, Sauron is spoken of as a warlord, and his campaign against the elves of Middle-earth contributed hugely to that reputation. The TV show can reveal how Sauron became so feared, and why Frodo preventing his return was so imperative.

If the forging of the Rings forms the basis ofLord of the Rings season 1, the war between Sauron and the elves could make for a logical season 2 or 3.

Elrond Builds Rivendell

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Númenor wasn't the only famous Tolkien settlementto popup in the Second Age - Amazon'sLord of the Rings series can also show the first days of Rivendell. Built during the aforementioned war against Sauron, Elrond found himself on the back footwhen the bad guysscored adecisive victory at Eregion. Elrond (played by Hugo Weaving on the big screen) gathered the survivors and his own followers to build Rivendell, which held valiantly against a siege, and quickly became a stronghold for the elves. After theLord of the Rings movie trilogy, Rivendell is an iconic Tolkien location, and fans will be interested to see how the citadel was founded by a young (and more willing to get his hands dirty) Elrond, who is rumored to feature in Amazon's series. The story of Rivendell goes hand-in-hand with that of theNúmenoreans, who jump to Elrond's aid and break the siege surrounding Rivendell.

The Ringwraiths' Origins

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The mysterious but deadly Ringwraiths made for perfect cinema villains inThe Fellowship of the Ring, ruthlessly slaughtering pillows and bed sheets wherever their dark purpose led them.The Lord of the Rings reveals that the Ringwraiths were the nine men enslaved by Sauron's One Ring, but very little is revealed beyond that, and only two officially have names. This leaves Amazon plenty of room to tell new stories, and the return of the Ringwraiths will drawin fans of Jackson's movie trilogy by the droves. Handing out his nine ringsduring the Second Age, the recipient kings were gradually corrupted by Sauron over a period of years until falling underhis influence completely, andbecoming the black-clad Ringwraiths we know and love. Amazon'sLord of the Rings TV series candepict that harrowing process, and possibly even embellish the legend of the Ringwraiths by revealing who they were before losing physical form.

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The Fall OfNúmenor

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Undoubtedlythe most visually arresting scene from Tolkien's Second Agewould be the fall ofNúmenor. After Sauron barely survives his defeat against the elves, the Dark Lord is taken prisoner byNúmenor's King Ar-Pharazôn. By this point, the fine people ofNúmenor were already neck deep in civil war, with much of the island disgruntledabout perceived mistreatmentat the hands of the Valar. A select few (Aragorn's ancestors, naturally) remain faithful and are spared, but the rest follow an increasingly dark path as Sauron is rapidly promoted from humble prisoner to Ar-Pharazôn's High Priest. As punishment, the God of Tolkien's mythology wipesNúmenor from the map entirely, with Sauron barely surviving the sundering. Though it's unlikely to happen in the first (or even the second) season of Amazon'sLord of the Rings TV show, the fall ofNúmenor is something the series could build towards.

Isildur's Heroics ( & Gondor's Foundation)

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Fans of theLord of the Rings movie trilogy will remember Isildur as the fool of aNúmenorean who refused to destroy the One Ring when he had the chance, but before he first laid hands upon Sauron's Ring, Isildur was a hero of the Second Age. Isildur bravely defied the rulers ofNúmenoronce they beganworshiping atSauron's altar, and saved the famous White Tree from the Dark Lord's followers on more than oneoccasion, risking his life to protect the ancient symbol of light and friendship. If Isildur is cast in theLord of the Rings TV show, he'll be much more of a protagonist than movie fans remember.

After Isildur relocated from the destroyedNúmenor to Middle-earth, he established the realm of Gondor - another famed location from theLord of the Rings trilogy. Similarly to Elrond and Rivendell, the story of Gondor's formationis a Second Age tale ofhuge importance, and connects directly to future events that viewers will be more familiar with.

The Last Alliance

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A conflict thatLord of the Rings fans of all persuasions will remember- theLast Alliance between elves and men took place at the very end of the Second Age. Big names such as Elrond, Gil-Galad and Isildur teamed up in one final battle against Sauron, and as everyone knows, the campaign ends with Isildur cutting the One Ring from Sauron's hand. Since it's the closing chapter of the Second Age, whether or not the Last Alliance gets adapted depends entirely on how long Amazon'sLord of the Rings TV series lasts. If the project runs as long asGame of Thrones, the Last Alliance would make for a truly epic closing season. Reimagining material already seen in Jackson's movies might feellike blasphemy at first, butThe Fellowship of the Ring only showed the tip of a much bigger Last Alliance iceberg. In a TV format, Amazon could truly do the final Second Age fight against Sauron justice.


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