The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (2023)

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (1)

In 2019, to Hollywood’s chagrin, Chinese moviegoers largely forwent American blockbusters for local productions. On the world stage, Chinese films also got a boost from broader global distribution both in theaters and via streaming platforms like Netflix. Given the success of Chinese movies in 2019, you’re probably wondering—what were the top Chinese movies this year?

As we wrap up 2019, let’s take a look the 10Best Chinese Movies of 2019.

Ranging from comedies to animations, and action movies to deep dramas, these best Chinese movies have not only won the hearts and minds of the Chinese people, but also many viewers around the world.

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10. Crazy Alien

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (2)

Chinese title: ‎疯狂的外星人 | Director: Ning Hao | Starring: Huang Bo, Shen Teng, Tom Pelphrey, Matthew Morrison | Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

China and the US haven’t exactly been on the best of terms in 2019. Chinese sci-fi comedyCrazy Alien reflected that in a humorous way. The film has America make first contact with an alien, only to let the alien fall into Chinese hands. A Chinese monkey trainer then takes in the alien (thinking it’s an exotic monkey species) to humorous results. Meanwhile, American forces try to capture the alien asset.

WhileCrazy Alien never ventures beyond slapstick humor, the film is still fairly entertaining. As long as you don’t mind humor at the expense of American pride,Crazy Alien delivers laughter by poking fun at American cultural tropes—ranging from a belief in American superiority on the world stage, toclandestine violations of other nations’ sovereignty.

Check out our review of the film if you want to learn more!

9. Pegasus

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (3)

Chinese title: ‎飞驰人生 | Director: Han Han | Starring: Shen Teng, Huang Jingyu, Zheng Yin | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Motorsport

(Video) The man met his ex-wife again and found out that she was pregnant and the baby belonged to him

Fans of Chinese movies and petrolheads will delight atPegasus, popular authorHan Han‘s latest cinematic effort.At the center ofPegasus’redemption narrative is Zhang Chi (Shen TengofGoodbye Mr. Loser), a formerrally car racingchampion who just emerged from a five year driving ban for illegalstreet racing. His life in shambles, Zhang hopes to redeem himself in one last rally competition.

However, Zhang Chi has to surpass numerous hurdles ranging from getting his driver’s license back, to building a rally racing car for his competition. While none of these challenges are particularly burdensome, they do provide a good amount of body to the plot of the film. Ultimately though,Pegasus is more about motoring entertainment than dramatic value.

Want to learn more about Pegasus? Read ourreview here!

8. Ne Zha

Chinese title: ‎哪吒 | Director: Yu Yang | Voices:Lü Yanting, Cao Yalong, Wang Zheng, Chen Hao, Zeng Hongru, Yang Wei, Zhang Jiaming | Genre: Comedy, Animation, Action, Drama

When most moviegoers think of animated films, they usually think of Disney, or the Japanese anime industry. This year, Chinese hit animated movieNe Zhashowed audiences that China’s animation industry packs a punch as well.The story ofNe Zhais based on aneponymous deityfrom Chinese folk religion. However, while the movie draws heavily from the Chinese legend of Ne Zha, it ends up being a much more light-hearted and family-friendly story that omits the gory details of Chinese folklore.

At its core,Ne Zha tells the story of an unruly child (named Ne Zha) who is possessed by a demon spirit. His upright parents attempt to keep Ne Zha from causing too much chaos, but largely fail in keeping Ne Zha from terrorizing local villagers. Ne Zha ultimately tries to redeem himself by battling against a truly evil force alongside his fellow villagers.

Perhaps owing to a mix of patriotism among Chinese movie-goers, and the relativelack of competition this summer,Ne Zhasmashed box office records. It’s now not only thehighest-grossing animated filmin Chinese history, but alsoone of the top movies across all genres. A Communist Party mouthpiece even published a pieceasking party cadres to “channel [their] inner Ne Zha.”

Want to learn more about Ne Zha? Read ourreviewof the film!

7. Send Me to the Clouds

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (5)

Chinese title: ‎送我上青云 | Director: Teng Congcong | Starring: Yao Chen | Genre: Drama

China was one of the first nations to proudly proclaim that “women hold up half the sky.” While the People’s Republic of China still lags behind in some aspects of women’s rights, the 2019 filmSend Me to the Clouds was an apt movie for a nation keen on improving its feminist credentials. Send Me to the Clouds tells the story of Sheng Nan’s quest to have a “mind-blowing” sexual experience before she undergoes surgery to cure ovarian cancer.

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Send Me To The Cloudscontains ample commentary about the social pressures Chinese women face. While the pursuit of “mind-blowing” sex is the basis of the film’s plot, the majority of the film concerns itself with gendered social expectations—male and female alike. The men in Sheng Nan’s life pursue materialism to gain the respect of their family members, while Sheng Nan herself struggles to carve out her own meaning of life independent of her mother’s expectations.

Interested in reading more about Send Me to the Clouds? Read our fullreview here!

6. The Last Sunrise

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (6)

Chinese title: 最后的日出 | Director: Wen Ren | Starring: Zhang Jue, Zhang Ran | Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

If you watchedThe Last Sunrise, you wouldn’t have guessed that it was shot in 14 days on a budget of US$250,000. In his first feature film, director Wen Ren deftly utilizes every ounce of resource to deliver an extremely thoughtful and touching narrative about two people trying to survive the end of the world.

The Last Sunriseis set in a future China that is entirely powered by solar energy. One day, the sun mysteriously disappears, throwing China (and presumably the rest of the world) into complete disarray. Amateur scientist Sun Yang teams up with his neighbor Chen Mu to try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. TheLast Sunrise also grapples with some tough moral decisions for the pair, artfully depicting the cruel reality of survival without passing judgement on the duo.

Science-fiction is generally known for its big, fantastic visuals—thinkBlade Runner 2049, Interstellar, Arrival, and evenThe Wandering Earth, to name a few.The Last Sunrisedefines its own sub-category, one that capitalizes on gentle, subtler moments to highlight the dynamics between its two protagonists. Science fiction rests mainly in the background, a sky full of stars that envelops our protagonists along their route.

Interested in learning more about why we thoughtThe Last Sunrise was one of the best Chinese movies of 2019? Check out our full review!

5. The Wild Goose Lake

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (7)

Chinese title: ‎南方车站的聚会 | Director: Diao Yinan | Starring: Hu Ge, Liao Fan, Gwei Lun-mei, Wan Qian | Genre: Drama

Diao Yinan’s follow up to his breakthrough featureBlack Coal, Thin Iceis set in the Chinese city of Wuhan. TheWild Goose Lakefeatures an all-star cast and blends complex interpersonal relationships to deliver a gripping melodrama. The neo-noir film competed for the prestigious Palm d’Or Award at Cannes in 2019, and received critical accolades.

Like Diao’s prior work,Wild Goose Lake tracks the story of people who are on the periphery of China’s economic boom. Largely shot in the local dialect, the film tracks the story of a gangster pursued by police, who meets a prostitute seeking a new life.Wild Goose Lake is set in the darker, grittier part of China that Beijing is not exactly keen on highlighting to global audiences. Diao once again artfully showcases that even the bleak and cruel parts of China have gripping stories to tell.


To learn more aboutTheWild Goose Lake,read our full-length review!

4. So Long, My Son

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (8)

Chinese title: 地久天长 | Director: Wang Xiaoshuai | Starring: Wang Jingchun, Yong Mei, Wang Yuan, Xu Cheng| Genre: Drama, Family

Winner of two Silver Bears at theBerlinale, So Long, My Sonis one of 2019’s most critically acclaimed Chinese art house movies. Tracing the lives of two families from the 1980’s to the present day, the film offers a humanistic perspective on China’s “Reform and Opening.

Across its decades-long storyline, So Long, My Sonbroaches topics like wealth inequality and the One-child Policy. Yet, it’s not an overtly political film; it simply aspires to show everyday life for its characters. The film has parallels with Hirokazu Kore-eda and Jia Zhangke‘s works—one one hand it’s a slow-moving take on family life, on the other it looks upon contemporary China. Viewers who enjoy artistic movies or studying China will find value from So Long, My Son.

To learn more about So Long, My Son, read our full review.

3. Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (9)

Chinese title: ‎春江水暖| Director: Gu Xiaogang | Starring: Youfa Qian, Fengjuan Wang, Zhangjian Sun, Renliang Zhang, Guoying Zhang, Zhangwei Sun, Hongjun Du, Luqi Peng, Yi Zhuang, Zikang Sun, Zhenyang Dong | Genre: Drama, Family

Gu Xiaogang’s debut as a director couldn’t really have gone much better: the former fashion industry worker’s first feature filmDwelling in the Fuchun Mountainswas screened at Cannes and critics raved about it.Slow-paced and undramatic, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountainstells the story of three generations of the Yu family, who live in the city ofFuyang.

There’s not much tension or drama to the plot. Instead of letting the story drive the film,Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains more resembles a Chinese landscape painting. Life events happen to the characters of the movie, rather than the movie’s protagonists acting in progression of the plot. Beyond an exceptional cinematic experience featuring stunning landscapes of rural China, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountainshighlights a number of social issues in contemporary China ranging from parental marital pressureto materialism.

Interested in learning more about Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains? Read ourreview here!

2. The Wandering Earth

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (10)


Chinese title: ‎流浪地球 | Director: Frant Gwo | Starring: Wu Jing, Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Mike Sui | Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Action

Our second best Chinese movie of 2019 is the sci-fi movieThe Wandering Earth. Wolf Warrior star Wu Jing headlined the cast, leading to concerns from some Chinese netizensthatThe Wandering Earth might turn into a jingoistic propaganda movie. Those fears were easily allayed. Not only wasThe Wandering Earth visually breathtaking, but also the screenwriting and acting were superb.

The Wandering Earth is set in a not-so-distant future where the sun begins to expand, threatening to swallow up planet Earth. In response, world governments unite to enact a plan that will move the planet to a new solar system (hence the title of the movie). Apparently, this plan wasn’t very good, because Earth falls into the gravity well of Jupiter on its way out, and a group of (predominantly Chinese) technicians and scientists band together to save the day.

There are indeed subtle hints of Beijing’s propaganda efforts inThe Wandering Earth, but director Frant Gwo artfully weaves them into the narrative thread of the film so that they don’t feel jarring or blatantly obvious. The filmchampions Chinese heroes no more than Hollywood movies champion American might—making the film one of China’s best forays into buildingsoft powerto date. By focusing on making a great movie first and foremost, while only hinting at Chinese greatness, Frant Gwo can ensure that international audiences will actually appreciate the film and might leave with a more positive view of China afterwards.

Interested in learning more aboutThe Wandering Earth? Check out ourreviewof the movie!

1. Better Days

The 10 Best Chinese Movies of 2019 | Cinema Escapist (11)

Chinese title: ‎少年的你 | Director: Derek Tsang | Starring: Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee | Genre: Drama

We round off our list of 2019’s best Chinese movies with a film that almost didn’t make it to the big screen this year—Better Days. The film features Zhou Dongyu and TFBoys member Jackson Yee play a bullied schoolgirl (Chen Nian) and high school dropout (Xiao Bei) respectively. After a chance encounter, the two form an unlikely bond as Xiao Bei helps protect Chen Nian from her bullies, and Chen Nian begins to give Xiao Bei a reason to live.

Chinese authorities delayed Better Days‘ release multiple times in 2019. Authoritiesyanked Better Daysfrom the Berlinale in Febuary, and the film’s producers cancelled a planned summer wide theatrical debut.Better Days was worth the wait though. Zhou’s rendition of Chen Nian shows the breadth of her acting abilities, while the brutally honest portrayal of teenage bullying on-screen helped bring the social issue to light.

Interested in learning more? Check out ourfull reviewofBetter Days here!

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Want more best Chinese movies?Check out our lists of the best Chinese films from2017and2018! We also have a list of the best Chinese movies on Netflix.

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Which is the No 1 movie in China? ›

The Battle at Lake Changjin

Does Netflix have Chinese movies? ›

Chinese Movies & TV
  • Incantation.
  • My Sunshine.
  • Love Between Fairy and Devil.
  • The King's Avatar.
  • Meteor Garden.
  • The Rational Life.
  • Who Rules the World.
  • The Victims' Game.

Does China have a big film industry? ›

In terms of production, the country is only second to India's Bollywood, and is eager to make Chinese blockbuster hits. Given a rising living standard and a massive demand for entertainment, Chinese moviegoers will become more significant for the global film industry.

Where can I watch Chinese action movies? ›

Top Websites to Watch Chinese Movies and TV Series Online Free
  • YouKu TV ( ...
  • Tudou TV ( ...
  • PPTV ( ...
  • PPS.TV ( ...
  • Baidu TV ( ...
  • iQiyi ( ...
  • QQ TV (

Who is no1 actor in China? ›

1. Jiang Wen (姜文) When it comes to famous Chinese actors, Jiang Wen is the first one to spring to many Chinese people's minds. Known for his non-conformist style, Jiang Wen is a titan in the Chinese film industry.

What is Netflix called in China? ›

It has never had a local product in China. Instead, it partnered with iQiyi , a streaming service which is majority-owned by Chinese search giant Baidu . iQiyi is one of China's largest streaming platforms. In 2017, Netflix agreed to license some of its original content to iQiyi to access the Chinese market.

Is Netflix free in China? ›

Netflix is available for streaming in more than 190 countries. Our library of TV shows and movies varies based on the country, and it changes from time to time. Netflix isn't available in: China.

Which country is No 1 in film industry? ›

The United States cinema (Hollywood) is the oldest film industry in the world and also the largest film industry in terms of revenue.

What is China Hollywood called? ›

Chinawood is a nickname for the Hengdian World Studios, the largest film studio in China, part of the cinema of China.

Is Spiderman allowed in China? ›

The latest Spider-Man blockbuster was banned from release in China after Sony refused to remove scenes of America that Beijing deemed "too patriotic", including images of the superhero swinging around the Statue of Liberty, according to a media report.

Where can I watch full Chinese movies? ›

10 Websites to Watch Chinese Movies & TV Series Online Free
  • Youku.
  • Baidu TV.
  • QQ TV.
  • Tudou.
  • IQiyi.
  • Mango TV.
  • Tencent.
  • PP TV.
16 Aug 2022

Which app is best for Chinese drama? ›

FAQs. What is the best app to watch Asian dramas for free? Snaptube is the most downloaded Android app that allows you to watch Asian dramas for free, in high quality, and with English subtitles. There are some amazing features like 1080P HD quality, ad-free streaming, free downloading, no subscriptions, etc.

Who is most handsome man in China? ›

Most Handsome Man 2022: Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan was born on 5th October 1991. He made his acting debut in 2016. He is known for his stint in The Untamed (2019), Joy of Life (2019), The Wolf (2020), Douluo Continent (2021) and The Oath of Love (2022).

Who is the most handsome male actor in China? ›

The poll, which included 2.2 million votes from more than 140 countries, had Chinese actor Xiao Zhan at the top of the list as he gained the most number of votes in USA, Peru, Thailand, Myanmar and more.

What is the most successful film of all time? ›

Avatar, directed by James Cameron, is the highest grossing movie of all time, having a lifetime gross of over $2.8 billion, according to Box Office Mojo by IMDbPro.

What are the top 10 movies playing? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) 84% 85% #1. ...
  • #2. The Menu (2022) 89% 77% #2. ...
  • #3. The Wonder (2022) 87% 71% #3. ...
  • #4. Stutz (2022) 100% 97% #4. ...
  • #5. Disenchanted (2022) 40% 58% #5. ...
  • #6. Spirited (2022) 69% 82% #6. ...
  • #7. Black Adam (2022) 39% 90% #7. ...
  • #8. The Fabelmans (2022) 93% 82% #8.

Does China have Google? ›

"The block is indiscriminate as all Google services in all countries, encrypted or not, are now blocked in China. This blockage includes Google search, images, Gmail and almost all other products. In addition, the block covers Google Hong Kong,, and all other country specific versions, e.g., Google Japan.

Does Korea have Netflix? ›

Netflix first launched in Korea in 2016. Since then, it has made more than 80 shows and films.

In which country is Netflix free? ›

Netflix Free Subscription: One of the biggest and most popular streaming platforms in the world, Netflix, has announced to offer a free subscription of its mobile plan in Kenya. With this, users in the market will get access to about a quarter of TV shows and movies streaming on the platform.

Which country uses Netflix the most? ›

The United States is not only the place where Netflix got its start as a DVD rental service in 1997, but the country also remains Netflix's largest market now that the company has evolved into the most popular SVOD platform worldwide.

Is Amazon available in China? ›

Amazon China (Chinese: 亚马逊中国), formerly known as (Chinese: 卓越网), is an online shopping website. was founded in early 2000 by the Chinese entrepreneur Lei Jun in Beijing, China.
Amazon China.
Type of siteOnline shopping
Available inChinese
OwnerAmazon (2004–present)
3 more rows

Which is the most popular drama in the world? ›

Top 50 Drama TV Series
  1. The Crown (2016– ) TV-MA | 58 min | Biography, Drama, History. ...
  2. 1899 (2022– ) TV-MA | 60 min | Drama, History, Horror. ...
  3. Yellowstone (2018– ) TV-MA | 60 min | Drama, Western. ...
  4. The White Lotus (2021–2022) ...
  5. Andor (2022– ) ...
  6. The Walking Dead (2010–2022) ...
  7. The Peripheral (2022– ) ...
  8. Tulsa King (2022– )

Which drama has most kissing scene? ›

Most Romantic Kiss Drama's
  • The package.
  • coffee prince.
  • jugglers.

Who is the best actor in the world? ›

If one happens to simply Google the term "Best Actor in the world", there's a list of actors that turns up with the top most position being held by Leonardo DiCaprio.

What country sells the most movies? ›

Movie Production Countries
Production CountriesNo. of MoviesTotal Worldwide Box Office
United States22,828$608,982,830,876
United Kingdom4,065$53,584,691,310
103 more rows

What is Pakistan's Hollywood called? ›

Lollywood (Urdu: لالی وُڈ, romanized: lâli vuḍ) refers to the Pakistani cinema based in Lahore, previously the base for both Punjabi and Urdu language film production. Since the partition of India in 1947, Lahore has been the center of Pakistani cinema.

Is Chinese bigger than Bollywood? ›

Facts Of The Chinese Film Industry And Bollywood

India has about 10,000 screens, according to Bollywood film industry statistics. As for revenues, China is at US$7 billion, while India is at US$2 billion. China produces about 800 films in Chinese (Mandarin) and India (Bollywood) produces more than two times that.

What is Pollywood? ›

Pollywood may refer to. Pashto cinema, the Pashto language film industry in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Punjabi cinema, the Punjabi language film industry in the Indian state of the Punjab.

Which country has best movies? ›

1. The United States: Given the caliber and volume of its films, America is by far the finest country for producing movies. The USA is the center of the global film industry, and this is not an exaggeration. American movies have always been the defining feature of the global film industry.

Which country is best in film making? ›

The United Kingdom tops the list as the best country for film studies thanks to its reputable film schools and award-winning alumni.

Which is the biggest film city in the world? ›

Ramoji Film City is an integrated film studio facility located in Hyderabad, India. Spread over 1,666 acres (674 ha), it is the largest film studio complex in the world and as such has been certified by the Guinness World Records. It was established by Telugu media tycoon Ramoji Rao in 1996.

Did China ban Marvel? ›

The China Film Administration, an oversight body for the $7.4 billion market, banned Marvel Studios' 2021 superhero films "Eternals" and "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings," which were released last year.

What is Marvel called in China? ›

We successfully created the Chinese name 漫威 [màn wēi] for MARVEL, where the character 漫 is used in 漫画 [màn huà], meaning comics (also caricature, cartoon) in Chinese and 威 meaning power, strength, might and prestige.

Is Disney blocked in China? ›

Is Disney+ Blocked in China? No, the Disney+ service isn't blocked in China. However, since Disney hasn't launched the service in Asia yet, users are currently unable to stream the content. Even if you've paid for a Disney+ subscription in your home country, you won't be able to open and stream the movies in China.

Where can I find Chinese movies with English subtitles? ›

iQIYI. iQIYI is one of the most popular Chinese online video platforms, and undoubtedly, it's the best place where you can watch Chinese movies online with English subtitles.

How can I watch Chinese movies online for free? ›

Top Websites to Watch Chinese Movies and TV Series Online Free as a Ressource for learning Chinese
  1. Bilibili: ...
  2. WeTV (English): ...
  3. Viki: ...
  4. iQiyi: ...
  5. Mango tv: ...
  6. Vidol Tv: ...
  7. Mydramalist:
9 Jun 2021

Which app is best for Chinese drama with English subtitles? ›

Viki – The Only Place to Watch Chinese Drama Series Online with Multilingual Subtitles. Viki is a free legal VOD (Video-on-Demand) platform that features an extensive library of Asian dramas, movies, and TV shows for free streaming.

Is iQIYI app free? ›

iQIYI APPs Download - Watch anywhere, anytime for free.

What is the number 1 hit movie? ›

Avatar (2009)

Is Shang Chi number 1 movie in the world? ›

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is now the highest-grossing movie of the COVID era in North America, surpassing the $183.4 million earned by Black Widow. Shang-Chi took in $3.59 million on Friday for a domestic total of $186.7 million, the best domestic gross for a movie since the pandemic began.

Is bahubali hit or flop in China? ›

Sadly, the film turned out to be an epic disaster of sorts. It is China's first film to have a budget over $100 million - $111million to be exact – that is equivalent to approx. Rs 750 crore. And it managed to earn just $7.1 million dollars in its opening weekend, that is, less than Rs.

What is the top 5 movie? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) 84% 85% #1. ...
  • #2. The Menu (2022) 90% 77% #2. ...
  • #3. The Wonder (2022) 87% 72% #3. ...
  • #4. Stutz (2022) 100% 97% #4. ...
  • #5. Disenchanted (2022) 40% 58% #5. ...
  • #6. Spirited (2022) 68% 82% #6. ...
  • #7. Black Adam (2022) 39% 90% #7. ...
  • #8. The Fabelmans (2022) 93% 84% #8.

What are the top 10 movies? ›

Top Rated Indian Movies
  1. Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1993) 8.5.
  2. Kantara (2022) 8.5.
  3. Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022) 8.4.
  4. Hanky Panky (1979) 8.4.
  5. 777 Charlie (2022) 8.4.
  6. Nayakan (1987) 8.4.
  7. Anbe Sivam (2003) 8.4.
  8. Jai Bhim (2021) 8.4.

Did Shang-Chi do good in China? ›

The studio's first Asian superhero movie is a hit, drawing praise and ticket sales in East Asia and other global markets. Perhaps the only place where the movie has not been well received — in fact, it has not been received there at all — is mainland China.

Was Shang-Chi flop? ›

Regarding Shang-Chi flopping so hard, the flick only brought in $431.9 million at the box office and it's also known the movie was rejected by Asian audiences.

Which is better fast and furious 9 or Shang-Chi? ›

Box-Office Report: 'Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings' Beats 'Fast & Furious 9'

Which movie cross 1000 crore in world? ›

Dangal2016₹2,112 crore (US$324 million)
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion2017₹1,811 crore (US$278 million)
K.G.F: Chapter 22022est. ₹1,250 crore (US$160 million)
RRR *2022est. ₹1,200 crore (US$150 million)

Which is the No 1 flop movie in India? ›

1. Bombay Velvet, Rs 125 Crores.

Which Indian movie has highest collection in China? ›

PK (2014) was the first Indian film to collect ₹2 billion overseas, and Dangal (2016) is the first Indian film to exceed ₹10 billion and $100 million overseas, including ¥1.299 billion (US$192 million) from China.


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